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The outdoors is the most effective classroom or consulting room in the world.

Working with the very best Clinicians and Therapists (who are dedicated to high levels of delivery and support) some potentially great results can be achieved by willing participants. We really understand what you are going through!

“Most of the young people that show up at Wilderness Therapy are a warning sign for the dysfunction and wounding of an entire family. Although they communicated their distress in an unhealthy fashion, these kids are very often the truthsayers. If you can set aside a child’s past poor behaviour and take time to listen to what he or she says about your family, you’ll discover that their words hold some honest assessment”

Ruben Jimenez – The Road Home

Since 2007 we have been here for families, a sympathetic ear in times of crisis, and always some sound and honest signposting, to the best and most appropriate Wilderness Programmes in the business. We have developed an encyclopedia of knowledge, across the UK, Europe and the USA. Here is a flavour as to how we can help you and your family today:

Since 2007 Graham Cook has become a name synonymous with the Wilderness Industry, in the UK, Europe and also in the USA, where he is held in extremely high regard. Over the years he has helped countless numbers of individuals, and families, get there lives back on track, by efficiently signposting them to only the best therapeutic programmes in the business.

With a successful corporate career spanning over 35 years, and a further 15 years dedicated to helping others, he has constantly displayed a professional approach to listening, and understanding the plethora of challenges that others face, in today’s fast-moving world. Professionally qualified in the field of HR, he is also a university lecturer, specialising in graduate employability, ensuring that his students get the best possible start in their chosen careers.

Over the years Graham has worked in a number of advisory and consultancy roles, here in the UK, in Europe and also in the USA / Canada. He is widely acknowledged as being an expert in Outdoor Experiential Learning. Above all, he is the friendly voice at the end of the phone with the knowledge you are seeking!

Teenagers and Young Adults

TEENAGERS (-18) (USA based programmes)

Through our original business Off The Rails Kids we have helped countless families from the UK access some of the best and most successful Wilderness Programmes in the USA. In a vast industry, we only partner with people and programmes we trust implicitly, we visit the programmes, and we know the therapist personally. These programmes can be expensive, but ALL families want the best outcomes, and to get back to some sort of normality ... sometimes you just can’t put a price on achieving that!

Note – Despite trying many times, and despite the valiant efforts of some good people, there are currently no Wilderness Programmes for teenagers available in the UK, that we could signpost families to with any sort of confidence.

(USA, Europe and UK based programmes)

Building on the same tried and tested model that has been operating within adolescent programmes for over 20 years. A structured combination of task-based activity, along with individual and group psychotherapy, delivered in some of the most scenic yet challenging environments you could wish to find.

You will experience greater transparency throughout, due to the mandatory “buy-in” that is required from all adult programmes. Module and programme content can be more flexible, in some cases it can be bespoke, and built around the specific needs of the individual.

Clients may be challenged on several fronts, they could be struggling with activities of daily living, lacking in direction or maturity, avoiding personal responsibility, not ready for independence, wishing for healthy relationships, or general / mental health & wellbeing, or even dependency or addiction issues.

We can offer you selected and awe-inspiring locations across wide expanses of the USA, beautiful coastal Portugal, outstanding and challenging Norway, or the tranquillity of the English Lake District. Call us now for further details.

Young Professionals and Adults

(Europe and UK based programmes)

A truly bespoke and individualised programme aimed specifically at getting your business or career back on-track. We have all been there…chasing targets and KPI’s, pushing for fee income, managing challenging clients, or just the general day to day pressure to succeed and climb the corporate ladder!

We fully understand the pressure and the challenge, we have the professionals with the skills and patience required, and most of all the time… to sometimes just listen! You will find the right balance of encouragement and support, to give you back the mental and physical resilience needed to optimise your career options and make the right choices going forward.

We offer safe and structured environments, in which you can take the necessary time out to stop and think, recharge your batteries and address your challenges, with the help of experienced and supportive guides, clinicians and business experts. Sometimes task based, or built around a new skill or interest, we can include psychotherapy or even one to one time with a clinical psychologist.

To learn from past mistakes, it is often necessary to take time in a different environment and talk with other professionals, who are interested in you. Is it time to stop and reflect, possibly even consider a career change or is it time to get out of London and have a life?

It could be canoeing to a remote island in the Lake District or Western Scotland, (for a spot of fly fishing) scuba diving in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, or even skiing in frozen Norway. Working with individuals or small groups we can always tailor the programme to your specific needs. Call us now for further details.

ADULTS – (Europe and UK based programmes)

As we get older business and corporate life does not always get easier, stress and the pressure to achieve, responsibility for yourself (and others) demands on your time, and the need to satisfy many exhausting calls. Is it time to call a halt and reward yourself with some quality time, to do a favour to yourself and probably others?

An intelligent and mature person, you know when you are slipping back into the bad old ways. Maybe the demons you overcame many years ago are raising their heads again, or your sobriety is being challenged in other ways. We can provide a “safe place” in which you can address your challenges, in company with leading professionals who offer support, guidance and structure.

Locations and basic programme outlines are chosen carefully, but in truth this is all about you, and your personal needs. You will find us fully flexible and empathetic to your situation and from past experience they are all very different.

With countless years of experience in the Wilderness Industry, our model has evolved to incorporate much more of a business and career focus, based on listening and reflecting, before encouraging any agreed change for the better.

Professional Services

Our many years of experience in the Wilderness Industry has taught us that the uniqueness in any programme is all about the skill and dedication of the psychotherapist, with the majority of them highly specialised in working only with adolescents.

For anyone lucky enough to access a USA based programme, the assigned therapist becomes almost part of your family. Often acting as an interpreter, a referee, or just a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough, these people dedicate their lives to helping others. It is now commonplace for field-based therapists to offer a bridge between Wilderness Programmes and home, and this “transition” is a big part of building for the future.

In addition to the above approach, we can now offer UK based families or individuals (who are unable to travel the USA) the opportunity to work with highly experienced Wilderness Therapists, from the comfort of your own home or office. We are partnering with a leading group of therapists (based in Utah, USA) to offer professional support packages, delivered by Skype (or suitable alternative) at a time to suit you. Based on recent successes with other UK families, this is a great opportunity to access first-hand experience and skill sets not normally found outside the USA.

When you are dealing with troubled teenagers, or young adults, facing hopelessness and lacking in motivation, the hardest thing to achieve is an acceptance and a willingness to change. You now have the chance to learn techniques, strategies and coping mechanisms from the best in the business.

NOTE – We also have access to a small number of professionally qualified Therapists and Clinicians who are UK based and who follow a more generalist approach to your personal needs.

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